I found out that Dad volunteered to the 307th CIC through a document I recieved from my sister.

I will post it here

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  1. jimlowell9920 says:

    I understand that this posting is almost six years old, but I just found it. I am interested in the 430th CIC Detachment that was heavily involved with the denazification of Austria. My father left small diaries that trace his movement between Linz, Salzburg, Vienna and other cities as he drove a Col Vincent Thill to some of these locations in 1945. These locations I have recently learned were headquarters for the 430th, but I cannot find any listing or roster where his name might show up. He was 1st. Lt. Frank Lowell from New York and was serving in the 15th Army Group G-2. He also was in northern Italy and before shipping back to the states in early 1946, he mentions the 301st Infantry, 94th Division stationed for a month in Bad Aibling, Germany. Can anyone tell me where a listing of 430th Detachment is? Thanks

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