Victor de Guinzbourg

June 15, 2007


Victor de Guinzbourg, among the first to take the Eagles Nest


Victor de Guinzbourg riding in Hitler’s car (ouch!! How symbolic!! )


Victor de Guinzbourg undercover in North Africa

Larry Bereton is the nephew of Victor de Guinzburg. As promissed he wrote a bit about his uncle. Rather than placing it in the comment section, I will place it right here on top.

Thank you Larry!!

Hello Nico,
I hope the information that I’m about the post is useful and interesting about my uncle Victor de Guinzbourg. Before I get started, I would like to address the comments made by Mercer. I can just relate to you what was told me by my aunt and some conversations I had with my uncle. One must remember two things when dealing with individuals in counterintelligence. First, these individuals did not talk to outsiders on their exploits with counterintelligence. They played things very close to the vest. Second, due to his position, after World War II, a lot of his exploits and accomplishments as well as his true identity could not be made public. He was not working for the Soviets! The Soviets the price on his head and remained there until the day my uncle died.

As I said my first post, my uncle’s father Solomon de Guinzbourg owned the Russo Asiatic Bank. He was responsible for putting the finances together for the Trans Siberian railroad. During the Bolshevik revolution, after Stalin to power, Solomon de Guinzbourg was not allowed to leave the country. The Bolsheviks kept him to stabilize the currency. He did manage to escape and people that helped them were shot as traders by the Bolsheviks! My uncle’s mother was Victoria Korngold her first husband died and remarries my uncle’s father. Her family was from Austria and my uncle’s first cousin was Sigmund Freud.

The family settled in Berlin and that is where my uncle and my mother sister while she was on concert tour in Europe. My aunt Edith was a classically trained pianist who went to school at the Peabody Institute before the school changed its name to Juilliard.

With the troubles in Europe growing, my uncle in and left France in came to live in America with my grandparents. He joined the Army voluntarily and honest lady Europe received his commission. I do not know much of his exploits, the last time I checked with the CIA and the FBI, they had no record of him or so they said! I know is for the first American soldiers in Casablanca, Sicily, and France. One of his exploits was documented in the book, We Caught Spies. He is referred to in the book as Benson. The French government awarded him a legion of honor for the work he did.

I remember that he was working with one of the Rockefellers while in Sicily. He was also one of the first individuals that had access to Eagles Nest. He took the leather from the chair Hitler used and made three wallets. He signed the inside of the three and gave two of them to two of his colleagues. He kept one which I had my possession. (If anyone reading this knows who has yet to wallets, please contact me.)

After the war, my uncle was working for the United Nations on the military committee. In this position, he was able to gather a lot of information.


Several months ago I requested the National Archives and Research Administration (NARA) to do a search in their Counter Intelligence Corp (CIC) documents to see if they had anything regarding my father’s service in the 307th CIC. I recently recieved what they believed was my father’s (Victor de Koenigsberg) service in the 307th.

Unfortunatedly it was not my Dad’s. It was from Victor de Guinzbourg, another member of the 307th CIC. It is also unfortunate that there is nothing online regading his life or his accomplishments.

Therefore, I will post what I recieved from NARA so as to honor another WWII American Hero.


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